Web Design / Development - Contract

Terms and Conditions

  1. The amount of $1450 agreed upon covers the designer’s time, talent, proofing and editing. It also cannot be changed or altered by any means.

  2. Daniel Creative will edit and create the website under his creativity following the Client's preferences, but not involve the clients in the process of editing.

  3. Daniel Creative will give you 3 full revisions so you can change anything but not re-build it from zero.

  4. Daniel Creative spends a great deal of time going through each page and checking there is no bugs or missed links. Please rest assured that Daniel Creative will only show you the BEST of the BEST on the final delivery.

  5. Daniel Creative can use screenshots of the final website to promote his work in Social Media.

  6. Daniel Creative must have all the information including paragraphs, logos, graphics, colors, keywords before start the project to be able to complete it within 7 days.

  7. Daniel Creative will include the following on this package:
    - 7 Days Delivery (+2 Extra days to deliver each revision)
    - Full Design and HTML codification by following your specifications and adding Daniel Creative's creativity and knowledge
    - Multi Lingual Website
    - Login Feature 

    - Ready-to-Go configuration
    - 2 Years of Domain
    - 1st Month of hosting
    - 2 Free months of updates, maintenance, and security monitoring
    - Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    - Mobile Version 

  8. - Professional Emails configuration (prices not covered)

  9. The full amount of selected package must be paid at 10/26/2020.

  10. Payment must be done through Zelle (fdaniel035@gmail.com / 786-343-3775)

  11. Daniel Creative will help you set up your payment method on the hosting platform.

  12. After 2 months, Daniel Creative can either teach you how to basically update the website or pay him a monthly fee for professional updates, SEO, maintenance and security monitoring.

This page will be deleted in 7 days, but you will receive a copy of the contract in PDF to the email you provided